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I have a friend. She's a lovely, lovely person. But she is always late. Always. I was reminded of this today because this lateness extends to rsvping for things. She seems to think that she can wait until the last minute to do everything. Today she's missing out on seeing a really really famous person sing for free because she rsvp'd too late and now they don't have any more seats.

What I want to say is, "NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! That probably filled up weeks ago!"

I won't because I'm her friend but OH MY GOD why is she surprised that it filled up?


Every time I go to pick her up, she's not ready. I have to physically go into her apartment and kick her out. It's like she has no concept of time or how time works. Our friend group has taken to telling her actual lies about when we're going to go do things. We tell her she needs to be there at 5 if we actually need to be there at 6. And she still shows up 15 minutes late.

Is this curable? Or are there just Late People who will never ever change?

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