I'm at work right now and the three people who are most in charge DO NOT LISTEN TO EACH OTHER. They constantly interrupt each other and do not seem to care about what the other is saying.

I work in entertainment. Communication is crazy important. Crossed wires lead to wasted time which equals wasted money. I don't know how these people get anything done. Actually, they aren't really getting anything done. Every time someone says "Oh go do this", the other one says "WAIT WAIT, who said to do that?" and then we waste time trying to figure out who said what when.

If they just listened to each other and didn't constantly talk over the other, they would know everything that needs to be known. Fucking communicate! They just sit there waiting to talk instead of actually listening.

They also do things without telling each other. It's driving me insane. If one of them says, "Hey we need water" and the other says, "We already have water" the first one will FREAK OUT ten minutes later screaming, "DO WE HAVE WATER???"

They also argue about EVERYTHING. If one asks the other for something, "I was JUST about to do that!!" If one says, "Hey did you see that folder?" the other goes on a long diatribe about how the folder is missing because of this this this and that.


Its bleeding into the crew as well because there were two other people arguing about whether or not something got signed. Person A was assigned to get the stuff signed and claimed that they gave Person B the folder with the signed things. Person B didn't have the folder. Instead of just saying, "Ok I'll get them to sign it again" and moving on, Person A stands there and argues about Person B losing the folder. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHY THE FOLDER IS GONE, JUST GET IT SIGNED AGAIN AND MOVE ON.

I threw my hands up and had to leave the room.

This arguing about the "why" of stuff is making me insane. I don't care about why the cooler spilled water all over the floor, just help me clean it up. I don't care about why the red paint was given to another dept, just get it back.


Lastly, I hate it when people make a big deal out of every little thing. This person I'm working for now makes a big deal out of little things and completely forgets/doesn't seem to care about the things that are time-sensitive/actually matter. She has meltdowns over whether or not three meals are labeled but completely forgets to send credit card authorizations to vendors.

I will be so glad when this job is over.

TL;DR: Talking over people bothers the shit out of me and I wish people didn't do it. I find it extremely rude and dismissive-like the person can't be bothered to actually listen because they are just waiting to talk.