Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
  • Being contradicted by a child when I am telling them a fact, like "if you crash your Lego spaceship into the wall some of the pieces WILL fall off," or "cars can cause pollution," or "you have a green shirt you can wear today." The kid I nanny once tried to tell me that humans can regrow their arms if they get cut off, claiming his teacher had told him that people can heal from injuries that way. He also won't believe me that sandwich meat, salami, etc. isn't dangerously raw and unsafe to eat. He keeps saying, "this isn't cooked, is it?" :|
  • Having to use a vacuum to get up food crumbs on a hard surface floor. Half of the food crumbs are too big and just get pushed around, and sometimes the vacuum breaks the chunks and sends them flying off in random directions. So I have to pick them up anyway, and it's hard to get into corners. The kids are young so of course they messy eaters, so regularly cleaning the floor is part of my job. But dear lord, can't these people just buy a goddamn broom?! Vacuuming a kitchen and dining area just feels so wrong.
  • When I am sitting in the window seat on a bus and we've reached my stop so I need to get off, and the person in the aisle seat turns their legs to the side but doesn't get all the way up. I HATE this. If you don't choose to sit in the seats reserved for people with disabilities/old people/pregnant women, and you get right in my way and then just stay sitting there when I say excuse me, it'll be your own fault if I fall on you or my purse clonks you on the head as I struggle past!
  • When multiple people walking together hog the sidewalk by walking several abreast. Really, any time someone is obstructing the way through carelessness (rather than, say, they are carrying something bulky, or pushing a cart, or riding a wheelchair, or some other thing they can't help) pisses me off. Everybody should do their best to share the sidewalk!

I am actually not bothered by nose blowing or chewing sounds though! Sniffling is annoying, but eh. It doesn't send me into a blind rage or anything.

What pisses you off?

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