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Welcome To The Bitchery

Pet Peeves

I wouldn’t say this is my number one pet peeve in LIFE, but at least in party planning...

Don’t put to RSVP “Regrets Only” by a certain date, and then start FREAKING OUT (2.5 weeks before the deadline) about needing a head count and saying that no one is responding. Just don’t. You did this to yourself.


Update to this: I am now tasked with finding out if people in my immediate family are attending. I texted my father, who immediately called me and left a long-winded voicemail answering my question, and asking me a follow-up one that he a) should know the answer to, b) would not be difficult to find out if he somehow didn’t know the answer, c) there is no reason for me to know the answer and since I am at work and he is retired, I am not going to find out for him. I texted him “I don’t know that.” He then responded to that text by restating the question left in the voicemail. THAT is my actual pet peeve.

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