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Welcome To The Bitchery

Long rant ahead.

There is a small dog park in my neighborhood, which is about the size of a large backyard. (I'm terrible at judging area accurately.) Suffice it to say, that it feels pretty full with five dogs and their owners. Outside of the dog park is a sign of rules, one of which being: no more than three dogs per owner.

When bringing my dog to the park, I've frequently encountered two dog walkers who go to this park and bring a pack of 5-7 dogs. Yesterday, there was a total of sixteen dogs in the park, with two dog walkers and one other owner and her dog. I have seen dog fights break out with one dog walker's "pack" in particular and my dog has been attacked (no broken skin or heavy bites) twice by different dogs in those groups. My dog is a bit persnickity in dog parks in general, but when there is a good human/dog ratio, everyone is keeping an eye on their own dogs and can stop things from escalating. These dog walkers can't pay attention to everything going on, so I have to watch their dogs as well as mine. Also, one dog walker loads seven dogs unrestrained into an SUV, which also ticks me off.


What is the proper thing to do about this? I know I should probably just not take my dog to the park, but that seems unfaaaaaiiir (in whiny voice.) I called the parks office to complain but haven't heard anything back from them yet. Is this something that I could call animal control about? They often seem to be at the park when I am getting off of work and taking my dog. I asked one of the dog walkers to leave once (after a bulldog under his supervision attacked my dog!! Quote him "She can't open her mouth wide enough to bite him, don't worry.") and he was VERY condescending and surprised that I wanted him to go.

ETA: I asked one of the dog walkers what company he was with so I could give him a scathing review on all review forums, but he said he was "freelance" and didn't give me his info. Clearly he saw how fussed I was. (I was hoping he would think I was interested in his services. I am bad at playing it cool.)

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