Tonight is my night off so I'm celebrating with chips & dips, cheezy shows (Grimm, Haven, Greys) and a pet post! Gush about your furry (and less furry) pets here!

Meet pixel, my beautiful girl! She surprises me most of the time. With her smarts (opening the sliding door to the close to she can shed all over my clothes) or her stupidity (pawing at the wall because she thinks there's a bug there). She loves toys, most kinds, for short bursts of time. Especially if she can play with us instead of alone. Or crawling into my neck while I'm trying to sleep. I'm considering starting a 'Pixel reviews toys' post in the future!

Here she is pretending to be human

Taking stock of our laundry "Not enough to shed on.." was her official opinion.

And trying out this tub thing that I spend so much time in


I showed you mine.. now show me yours! :)