I’m up later than usual on a weeknight and in a suddenly excellent mood. For whatever reason, I decided to introduce TeenSparrow’s bf to the one pet he hadn’t met yet: our python Kaa. So I brought her out, and she’s being just ridiculously sweet and snuggly, and I just can’t stand to put her away! I mean, look at this!

She’s been draping herself all about me for almost two hours now. This little baby was starved for both food and attention when we took her in 7 years ago, i wasn’t sure she’d ever relax with us. Now she’s firm and healthy and can’t get enough attention. I can’t wear my glasses when I handle her, because she’s convinced she can climb on them.


So show me you with your babies! I know fur face Friday is only a few hours away, but I wanna see you all up close and personal with those lovie dears.

Also, I might be a little high and semi drunk and loving life for at least the moment, so indulge me?