1 Seriously they could not have plucked people for leads from Broadway who could sing and dance.

2 I stopped watching at 9:15 when I realized that Walken must be thinking its an SNL skit he was doing. He sang about killing the boys and keeping Wendy when I said to my mother "is this SNL?". So we took out the dogs and called it a night.

3. I know its live but seeing the black wire Wiliams was strapped to in the bedroom was really bizarre for TV. This is not 1954 wires should not be seen. On stage fine because one would be far and it would blend in with the wide stage. TV looks like a closeup and really bad.

4. Williams cannot sing she talked sang her songs and little range. Of course Walken made her sound like she came from the Met Opera. His singing and acting just stressed the SNLesque of this.

5. We walked out of exactly one musical Pump Boys and Dinettes done. locally. We would have walked out of this well depending on ticket price, high price we would have stayed. Although I would hope a local rendition would have been worlds better.

6. Sadly this gives musicals a really bad name. I see two to three local musicals a year and our local theater groups if filmed they would have done a far better job. They would have given musicals a good name. They should have plucked an utter unknown who played Peter in some off Broadway production and given her the role. Or better yet they should have just cast some play company who just did this musical and have them do.


7. I never saw this on stage and after seeing over an hour of this I doubt I will.