I will preface this by saying that I am and will always be firmly Team Dog. But I've also got a foot (or more) in Team Cat - then I went to visit my aunt and uncle and met their sweet babies. And fell in love. Totally and completely.

I floated the idea past my current roommate, who was not-against the idea - and, though my lease specifically says "no pets", my landlord used to have a cat until his boyfriend moved in (allergies), and he tried to give the cat to my former roommate (this was before I moved in) but she couldn't take the cat because her husband-at-the-time was also highly allergic. I've been a model tenant, too, so I think that I could possibly convince him to let me get a cat...

And, of course, tonight, I got drunk and sappy and decided to look at the cats on Petfinder. Bad idea.




His name is Fellini! He's a senior kitty (17 years old!), and a "lap kitty" according to his foster parents. He's gorgeous and looks so sweet, and he has stolen my heart.


And this gorgeous boy is Harper. He's 7, he talks a lot, and he gives little kisses.

I don't know! They're all so beautiful and look so sweet, but I'm a "novice" cat person. What if an issue arises that I don't know how to deal with? Besides, I'm planning on being in my current city for the next few years but I might also move if I get a job (what if I end up going overseas?). I know that I can move with pets, but finding apartments that are pet friendly narrows down choices significantly.


I'm financially stable enough that I could swing it. I've already started a separate account for my future pet's vet bills and medical emergencies. But I'm worried about the moving aspect. If I adopt, it's for the rest of that animal's life, that much is for sure.

Now, I'm thinking about this way more deeply than I need to be. This is all hypothetical, but I'm thinking about this as if it were real.


I'm going to go back to thinking OH, LOOKIT THE SWEET KITTIES.