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Petition for Gawker Media (bump for debates)

Please share kinja-wide. Seriously, share to other sub-blogs, we need this to happen.

I propose that from now on, whenever a Gawker site publishes an article about Donald Trump, instead of using a Getty, AP, or Reuters photo of the man himself, they use a photo of a brick of Spam. Many of us are disgusted by Trump’s obscene visage, and since many Gawker articles already describe him as a sentient bottle of self-tanner, blobfish, and so on, it seems fitting that a sodium-laden, gelatinous, pinkish, disturbing chunk of near-meat should represent Trump throughout Gawker Media sites.


If Gawker accepts this proposal, I will personally, with my own funds, purchase a can of Spam, de-can it, and photograph it wearing a miniature yellow wig, and provide this image free of charge to Gawker Media for indefinite use.

Edit: Something along these lines, but with “hair”

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