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Groupthinkers, I need your help! This White House petition needs to get about 11,700 more signatures in the next four days if we want the White House to respond to it. The petition asks the Obama administration to raise the amount of refugees it has pledged to resettle in the next year from 10,000 to 65,000, the amount that the International Rescue Committee has asked for the United States to accept.

The Syrian Conflict has resulted in over 4 million refugees fleeing the country, creating one of the largest migration crises in recent history. Please consider sharing the petition on Facebook or Twitter, or any other social media, to help gather the remaining signatures needed. Please also consider writing to your elected representatives in Congress to urge them to provide funding for the resettlement process.


I think 11,700 signatures in four days is more than doable, but the petition needs people to help spread the request to sign. Please help! Charity Watch and Charity Navigator also have links to the top rated charities doing good work in Syria, if you wish to donate money. Thank you for your support!

Photo essays of the Syrian Refugee Crisis from The Atlantic here and here.

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