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Petition to Investigate TX State Troopers Over Illegal Cavity Searches

We were all outraged by the story that surfaced recently about the four lawsuits that had been filed against Texas state troopers who performed illegal body cavity searches on women (on the side of the road, using the same pair of gloves for more than one woman, for both anal and vaginal searches, without probable cause beyond "they were acting weird"). These search incidents happened hundreds of miles apart, indicating that somewhere, someone in the department has declared this to be "procedure," despite its being an illegal, disturbing violation of individual rights.


There is now a petition demanding the investigation of these state troopers. I urge everyone to add their voices to those asking Attorney General Greg Abbott to make this investigation happen. There are 251 signatures, on a goal of 5,000. Please share this!

I live in Texas, as do a number of other wonderful GTers, and so I will make it my priority to share anything else I hear about this, or any of the other recently alarming acts of insanity happening in Texas. I know you are all listening.

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