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I was shocked when I read this story, titled Cops Caught On Camera Restraining Black Woman And Cutting Off Her Hairby Rebecca Rose on Jezebel. I was horrified when I did some research online and discovered that while the abusive officer Bernedette Najor was fired from her position for her unwarranted assault of victim Charda Gregory, she has not been subject to criminal prosecution AT ALL.


Curious about what happened?

On November 12th, 2013, 22-year-old Charda Gregory went out to a party, had a few drinks, then suddenly blacked out. On November 13th, she woke up in a strange, trashed hotel room. Assuming she'd been drugged and likely raped, Gregory called the police. However, when the police showed up they arrested her instead of taking her to the hospital to investigate and document the rape.

Then, at the jail, police officer Bernadette Najor assaulted Gregory. Najor tied Gregory down to a chair and began forcibly starting cutting off Gregory's hair against her will. Najor finished by yanking out what was left of Gregory's weave, pulling out chunks of her hair by the roots. Gregory now has bald spots.

Reference. Another Reference.


This is worse than an abuse of power, this is TORTURE on a probable victim of rape — who called the police in the first place! — by an officer of the law. And thus far, there has been no criminal recourse... despite the fact that there is A SECURITY VIDEO of the incident.


If you think this is bullshit, sign this petition asking the officials of Warren, MI to prosecute ex-officer Bernedette Najor to the fullest extent of the law.

ETA: And please share the petition with your friends and family!

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