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Pettipants/Jockies Update

I know at least one person was wanting further updates on the whole "stuff to wear under my dress to prevent chub rub" situation.

I am still in love with my Jockies Skimmies shorts. In fact, I need to remember to order some more, because they are awesome! I wore them to a family reunion and played badminton in them and had minimal ride-up, I wore a skirt to the fair with them and even with all the walking and heat I had minimal ride up and no swamp ass (which was my big concern, since they are synthetic. I love them so much, I sometimes wear them around the house. I have had a slight problem with them riding up a little bit, but that could be because I'm pulling them down wanting them to be a little longer than they are (I have long legs, my thighs are in contact all the way down to the knee and in this heat I want to keep them apart), but it isn't like the "Hello, we'd like to come live in your butt crack and get eaten by your vagina" ride-up I've gotten with bike shorts and other things I've tried in order to prevent chub rub. Overall, I give them an 8/10 and will definitely be buying more. ETA: Certain colors and sizes seem to be on sale on Amazon. And, courtesy of Stranger Bird" If anyone's thinking of buying, Bare Necessities sells them and always has coupon codes going (BNSAVE, BPP20, and BNSAVE20 seem to be ongoing coupons), and all Jockey products are 25% off at the moment. Wicking Skimmies are $16.50/pair. ETA: BNFSNJ5E is good for free shipping, looks like all their other current coupon codes won't apply to sale items.?"


I still use my pettipants, but I don't love the fit, they are way too loose at the top. But, they are comfy for around the house. I just don't wear them out in public much. I give them a 7/10. They are comfy and prevent chub rub, but less cute than hoped. I might give them a try in L instead of XL and see if that fits better.

I still have not tried Bandlettes. But, as soon as I get the check from my rental property, I will buy and review.

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