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Pettipants/Split slip recommendations

I really want to wear dresses this summer. However I, as many of you do, experience that chub rub that can make it so uncomfortable. I've tried the Monistat anti-chafe stuff and it's great...fora bout 15 minutes. I've tried antiperspirant with similar results. I've tried bike shorts, but they ride up, so I get both a wedgie and and chub rub. I know a while ago somebody mentioned a split slip, but there are so many options that I would love recommendations if anybody has them.

I recently ordered a pair of these from Amazon. But reviews seem conflicted as to if they are awesome and perfect, too short and itchy, or way too long. I guess I'll have to wait until I get them to find out.


But, I am interested in finding more, where you can tell me how they fit. I would prefer cotton or a poly-cotton blend to all the nylon ones I see. Nylon can be hot, feel gross and creepy, and is just generally not as nice. But, if you have some nylon ones you like, let me know. I can just order, try, and return what I don't like.

I also like them a little longer, partially because I do have wide thighs that make anything short even shorter. Plus I like ultimate protection from rubbing.

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