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It's been a while since I've dropped one of these, so here goes (video NSFW: nudity and also unrelated)

1. This morning, I got up earlier than usual, and I decided I would DRESS ALL THE PH.DAD!!! before the gradlings got up, so that I'd be ready to go quick. Except I forgot to brush my hair, which is a rat's nest on the best of days. So I had to wear a hat in church, which I was raised to believe was a sin on a par with matricide.


2. We had family in town all this past week: my father-in-law for more than a week, my wife's brother, sister and law and 2 1/2 year old. So we had 4 kids under the age of 4 this week, which does great things for your stress and sleep levels, let me tell you. Now they're all gone home and the house feels empty.

3. The other night after a game, I was bitching to a friend about my utter lack of job prospects, and he told me, perhaps jokingly, that I should learn to code. He hacks for the Military-Industrial Complex or something. He suggested I learn Python. Since I have experience with snakes, I figure it shouldn't be too hard. With the help of Wikibooks, I've learned how to get it to give the numbers 1 through 10. Yeah, I'm pretty much a hacker now.

4. TW: Public Nerdity. My Star Wars: Saga Edition campaign is going on a few months' hiatus while the GM works out the endgame for our campaign. In the interim, we have a few ideas. The options that were laid out were a Saga Campaign set in the Old Republic. I'm getting kind of bored with the Saga rules, and Old Republic is probably my least favorite setting. One of the other suggestions was to do an Edge of the Empire campaign. It's an interesting system, but I resent the idea of buying their stupid proprietary dice. To be honest, I'd just as soon do board games off and on.


5. TW: TMI. The other night, when Ph.Mom and I had our marital relations, I volunteered for it to take place on my side of the bed, since she has complained a bit about the "wet spot" before. I guess this is a cis-male privilege issue, because I had never really realized what an unpleasant sensation it is to sleep on top of a cold, wet spot. Next time, I'll be sure to lay down a towel or something.

6. My wife got a Honeybaked Ham as a Christmas Bonus, and we were planning on having it New Year's Eve when all the family would be in. We'd put it in a neighbor's freezer, but forgot to take it out until the day of, which is not enough thaw time. So we bought a cheap Wal-Mart ham for that night, and saved the Honeybaked for a few days later. But now I have a fuck-ton of ham, and two beautiful hambones that I don't want to go to waste. Any good ideas for uses?


7. I went to the most epic awesome NYE party. The guy who hosts it goes all out. Like, the invite for it goes out in February. It was a bit of a let-down this year, though: not nearly enough booze (although there was tons of bubbly for midnight, of varying quality. The glass I ended up with was shite.) and fewer people than I expected. But it was fun: I brought along a flask (a groomsman present from 7 years ago, first use) with Crown Black in it. I also convinced my coder friend (he's actually the one who gave me the flask) to do a tequila shot with me. I don't remember the brand, but it was really good. Unlike the plastic-bottle Scotch that I drank for some unknown reason.

8. If you've ever thought it would be fun to do a photo session with 4 kids under 4 and six adults, all of whom have varying degrees of affective disorders, you are not correct. Just saying.


9. Overheard at the Ph.Dad household: "Okay, it's time to pull up your britches." "No, I only have one britch."

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