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PhDad's Friday Night Brain Dump

Not affiliated with the Groupthink Daily Dump, the They Might be Giants song "We Live in a Dump," the warehouse store with annoying commercials called "The Dump," or Peaches's "My Dumps." This is just my way of siphoning excess thoughts from my brain, at least until I can get that Penseive I've been saving up for.

1. When you walk around listening to music on headphones, do you like to imagine that everyone else around you is part of a music video for whatever song is playing? Does anyone not do this?


2. Back in August, I got hired to do some test-prep teaching. At the time, it seemed like a good opportunity, since I'd managed to stupidly lose my part time server/bartender job. Now two six-week courses have been canceled on me at the last minute. I've yet to teach a class for these people, and the next one won't start until November. I probably need to swallow my pride and find a weekend seasonal job, and maybe tell the test prep people that they can go jump in a lake.

3. I was going to post the 8bit version of "Optimistic" by Radiohead that came up on my Google Play music, but apparently the video isn't up anymore. I downloaded 8bit versions of both OK Computer and Kid A a year or two ago; the artist's name is Quinton Sung, I believe.

4. 4 short story/novel ideas (or just titles) I've had in my head for a while, but haven't gotten around to developing. Feel free to poach them; you'll come up with something different, probably better, than me anyways.

a) "The Last Cigarette"

b) in an upper middle-class suburb, a mysterious illness kills off everyone except those going through adolescence. They are quarantined in the suburb and left to their own devices.


c) a story in three parts, each based on one of the laws of thermodynamics

d) a counselor at a fundamentalist Christian camp for troubled youths lusts after one of the campers.


5. Speaking of the laws of thermodynamics, what's your favorite? Mine's the second. I bet everyone here likes the second.

6. I feel like I shouldn't like Evanescence, but I do. I really want to write the essay that's been in my head for a while now about what we mean when we say "guilty pleasure"


7. I think my meds are finally balanced out in my system; I feel less loopy than I did the first week or so. But the mirtazapine works on me real quick. I hope I don't fall asleep on the keys here.

8. On Wednesday, I was torn between checking and not checking my Facebook: on the one hand, I wanted to bask in the congratulations about my good news. On the other hand, a hotheaded comment I made about the Gov't shutdown got hijacked by two otherwise unconnected friends who were treating the comment thread as if it were a chatroom in which they would wage an epic 98-percenter vs. Libertarian battle.


9. A while back, I posted sardonically about an exchange with my mother that typified our relationship. Well, I had lunch with her on Thursday, and we had another one of those "yup, that's totally Mom" moments, but this one was much more positive. She said she had something to give me, and handed me a book, a sort of biography of Mr. Rogers called I'm Proud of You. Then she did something unexpected: she actually said those words out loud to me. That was a good part of the day.

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