HAPPENING TOMORROW! February 15. ETA: But keep checking this post. I'm worried about the weather. It looks bad. If we cancel, we will reschedule.

The plan is to meet at Elixr at 130PM (i think we'll try to hang out there until around 200 to wait for people to convene) and then proceed from there. It's right next to Suburban Station. Please email me at snacktasticandcheese@gmail.com if you need more contact info. If you plan to come and somehow get lost, answer this post. I'll check it on my phone and try to make sure you guys say updated THOUGH emailing me is the best. We are gonna get snacks (suggest a place) and go to the Mutter Museum, which is a little freaky and fucked up but let's be honest, there is no place like it in the world.

There is one request to extend it into the evening—and I'd be ok staying in town to have dinner, though I won't be out wicked late or anything :)

Also, we'll do another meetup so if you miss one, we can do another.

Old information below:

If you decided you want to take the train in from a suburban location, email me at snacktasticandcheese@gmail.com. I live in a place with lots of parking and it's like a 15 minute train ride from downtown Philly. Otherwise, I'd guess that you might have to find a parking lot. Also, PLEASE remember that you can reach me by that email or twitter. I want to make sure that people have contact info, just in case you miss us during one of the legs of the meetup.


Let's do this shit. I want to spend a Sunday getting some snacks and maybe going to the Mutter Museum. It'd be fun guys! ADVENTURE!. We could go to another place too. We'll see. DATES PROPOSED: February 15 or 22nd. What do you think? LET'S DO THIS STUFF. We could meet at Elixir.