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In case you missed this on Twitter, let me help you get caught up. A Philadelphia Fox TV reporter made a glib reference to Breaking Bad in a tweet about six people being shot. Then, when the Twitterverse proceeded to call out for being insane, she chastized them for missing her point about being 'real life. not TV ending.'

OH and in case you thought she was hacked or making a mistake or joking around, she clears that up for you!


And the Internet responded with a resounding "WTF?"

"Umm, hey Joyce do you think it's maybe kind of awful for a NEWS REPORTER to joke this way about a story about a shooting? Just you know. Sayin'...."



Oh well. Honestly, this is probably the best, most in-depth, multi-layered observational, nuanced statement she will ever maker. For a Fox reporter, this tweet is the equivalent of "The Road Not Taken." It's pretty much the best we could ever expect.

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