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I'll try not to flake and I'm hoping there will be a few people that will want to commit a meetup. We've talked about it a few times and it has come up among several commenters so I'll put this up to see how to get this organized. We should do it soon and now that it isn't the holidays, it should feel much easier.

My proposal: Meeting in Center City (maybe Old City, maybe West Philly but just near a train station and Center City is near Suburban Station/Market East Station and for those of us who are suburban jerks, taking one train is usually feeling more realistic than taking two, but again, I'm flexible).


But I'll entertain other ideas but I think that's the best compromise based on what I discussed with other people. We've talked about El Vez though Jose Pistola is a cheaper equivalent..

My question: Are weekends or weekdays better? Happy Hour or Brunch?

Let's talk. I propose we do something in a couple of weeks, either at the end of February or beginning of March, when it is my birthday (send presents).

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