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Phishing scams via text?

Howdy y’all!

Has anyone ever had a phishing attempt come at them over Text before, and from a 4-digit number (i have Verizon, the message came from 6245—like the way business texts do, i.e. Target & other stores—but those always come from a 6-digit #🤔)


This is what i just got:

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The ways i KNOW it’s 100% a scam, AND 100%, are that:

1. It came out around 3 pm on a Sunday (because WF’s corporate folks *aren’t* gonna be at work right now—they work M-F business hours, like good little corporate workers do!)


2. Ain’t NO WAY a bank’s just gonna rando-text you some links saying “Go *here* and verify your private info!”


At all.

My paychecks for one job are drawn on a W.F. account, but i personally have not banked with W.F., since i had an account back in college in the 1990's (which i turned upside down😶, and THEY closed it!). I’ve seen too many friends get screwed over by them (and TCF), so when i moved to the cities, i never bothered trying to open another account with them—and since they started upping their fees exorbitantly around a decade ago, i stopped paying those fees.*


I’ve stuck with my small-town bank ever since, so i know the text is a fake & looking for suckers dumb enough to fall for a scam.

I already went to the FBI website & did a report.

Is there anywhere else y’all would suggest?

*the last time was when they wanted to charge me nearly $12.00 to cash a paycheck DRAWN ON THAT BRANCH. They claimed it was “because we need to photocopy the check & save it in our records for (i think it was) 3 years.” even though i was having the check co-signed by my roommate who ALSO had an account at that branch. (They WERE willing to deposit it into HER account, and let me get the cash “in about a week, after it clears!”😒😒😒)


I told the clerk that the business i worked for *already* has to keep copies of our paychecks, because they’re a charitable gambling operation. AND that they had to keep them for SEVEN years, in case of fraud. And as for her line about “verifying that the account had enough money to cash the check,” well, that REALLY shouldn’t be *too hard,* since the account was BASED AT THE BRANCH WE WERE STANDING IN!😑😒😬

She just kind of stammered on for a bit about”necessary fees” for the services they offered and tried to get me to open an account instead😒😒😒


So i asked for the check back, and left.

(I eventually opened a savings account later at a smaller, locally-owned bank, so i could finally cash my checks without having to mail them to my hometown bank or pay Wells Fargo’s entirely ridiculous fees.)

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