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ETA: Thank you thank you thank you! I posted something similar in thebump and they weren't very helpful. When I expressed concern that getting pregnant without addressing my fear may result in me curtailing doctor visits someone took it as a slam to natural child birth.

I've mentioned it before but I have a phobia of anything hospital, blood, needle, anatomy related.


I pass out with conversations about having blood drawn. I'm not talking about detailed conversations. If I see someone with a bandage and they mention it I have to leave the room. Visiting newborns in the hospital is near impossible without me ducking out to sit somewhere and put my head between my knees. This is compounded by my embarrassment when I faint or have these reactions in front of people.

Even typing that made me dizzy.

I have been putting off addressing it and even with my husbands health issues I've put it off. The idea of actually facing it makes me anxious and what better way to address that than ignoring it all together.


It is now at the point where I want to have a kid and before I even start trying to get pregnant I need to do something about this. It isn't just the getting pregnant part but the fact that I have had issues talking about my husband's health problems and going to doctor appointments with him.

I've looked up therapists covered by my insurance that specialize in phobias but I have no idea what I am doing.


These are the categories I have:

Behavioral Health Professional > Psychiatry > Phobias

Behavioral Health Professional >Neuropsychology > Phobias

Behavioral Health Professional > Licensed Clinical Psychology > Phobias

What are the differences? I'm kind of concerned that one is more hospital oriented but would that be good to expose me to it.

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