I’m firmly on the leading edge of the millenials (b. 1982) and/or in the middle of the Xlennials, depending on your definitions. And I hate talking on the phone. I JUST realized why...*

...it’s because I CAN’T FUCKING HEAR SHIT. Phone audio quality in most standard phones (I’m excluding newer model mobile phones and high-quality web-based audio apps) absolutely sucks, and I feel like I’m missing 30% of the stuff people are saying. Especially names. So it’s one thing to chat with a friend - like, fine, whatever, you kind of know their speech patterns and getting important details like phone numbers and surnames is minimized, but when it’s a business call? Jesus, dude, please send an email, or at least don’t drawl down the phone like I’m your pal at the pub.

-honkhonkhonk against slurred American and English accents since 1987

*editing to add that I should probably address the REALLY COMMON go-to explanation of social anxiety. I bought into that for a long time until I recently realized that the anxiety I have is over having to always ask, what? what? what? and having baby boomer types, some of whom now are starting to get quite elderly voices, be annoyed by that.