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Phone rage with success

I'm a shy and easily persuaded person by nature. I tend to give in far too easily when people say that something can't be done, or that it must be done. Even when it's something that will have negative consequences for me. In the last couple of weeks, I've had to argue over the phone with two major companies, and I was successful! I have fought with AAA and HSBC and won, when both times they said that what I wanted couldn't be done, after they made mistakes.

AAA is the long story of the day I left to run a 20 minute errand and finally returned home 10 hours later. I had left my car at a garage and went home to quickly put food in my mouth and use the bathroom, after sitting in my car for 2 hours, behind my apartment building, waiting for the tow truck that was over an hour late. I was promised a warning call 15-20 minutes before the truck would arrive, so I could do these necessary things. The call was then labelled impossible and I was stuck back in the queue when I wasn't at my car when the truck arrived. I fought and won.


Today I spent nearly an hour on the phone with HSBC to get a payment reversed. The auto-pay system said I had no scheduled payments, so I made a payment. Oops, my scheduled payment that I couldn't see went through, with my extra payment. It was deemed my fault for not calling them at nearly midnight to find out why my payment wasn't showing up. When I asked about it today, the woman said that on her end there was no scheduled payment either, despite knowing that if this month it went through with no warning, it would next month too. Auto-pay is now cancelled and I'll get my money back so we can pay rent this month.

Adulting is hard, but I seem to be getting the hang of it.

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