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I'm going to be doing a series of tutorials in August, and I don't know how to do my make-up.

Like, I know how to do make-up for going out or to amuse myself, but I feel like there might be different rules for being on camera.


Some details:

  • This is a professional studio. They have good lighting and booms and blue screens and a big ol' camera. This isn't someone with their iPhone.
  • There is no professional make-up support. They do tech videos, so not really their bag.
  • I'm pale, but I have very, very blotchy skin. I can look normal sometimes, but if I get overheated or stressed, I get red welts everywhere. I call them my Anger Tattoos.
  • I have oily skin. I normally control this with setting powder.
  • Every time I've done my make-up for a professional shoot, I feel like I look like I'm wearing no make-up, and not in the good way. I look sick.

So... tips?

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