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Photography: A Query

We went a a little road-trip this week. We got in the car and drove North a few hours to see Taliesin in Spring Valley, WI. Taliesin was not quite what we expected* but Spring Valley was breathtakingly beautiful. Stop the car and take some photos kind of beautiful. But we didn't do that. We stopped the car and gazed around us and absorbed it all but we didn't take any pictures. The sky was pretty cloudy and well, none of us are that good at the taking of the pictures. In part, I'm sure, because all we had were phones and iPads to do the picture-taking.** But in every place we stopped and throughout our entire guided tour of the grounds, we were the only people whose faces were not buried in a phone or an iPad. So we enjoyed the scenery, the buildings, the farms and have some great memories in our heads. The one here is from the intertubes.

I started doing this during my various stays in Ireland. If it had people I knew in it, I'd take the picture and save the picture. Otherwise, there were a few dozen places I could find a better picture of Trinity or Dingle or Dun Aengus. And frankly, I was too busy trying to live there whilst NOT be the annoying American tourist. (I'm vain.)


So, what say you GT? Are you of the mind that taking the pictures yourself is worth it or not?

*It was so very NOT like any other interior of a Frank Lloyd Wright building I've ever seen. Lovely but in need of millions of dollars of work and kind of cluttered.

** This obviously excludes professional photographers and even people with professional grade equipment.

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