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Photoshopped Thoughts on The Photos of The Triple-Breasted Lady

If you haven't seen me posting around here before, I'm Mel, and I freelance in the world of video production with my fiance as The Nerdy Duo. As animators and effects artists, we like to joke that we Photoshop 30 times a second.

Today, we took a few moments with the photos of Jasmine Tridevil and would like to share what we saw:

The Purple Shirt Photo


Of the two photos that head the Seven Questions Story, this one is definitely the better produced. But where is the crease between her left and center breast? That looks like one very stretched out boob to me. And what on earth happened to the shoulder? It either attaches very low on her body or it's been photoshopped away. Let's go in for a closer look.

That left arm has definitely been photoshopped into oblivion. But, I can forgive that. Missing limbs are pretty much an industry standard, right?


But the lines of her boobs look funny, don't they? Like the third one has a separate texture.

Let's make that the focus and do a little leveling to see what information is in the photo.


There are some funky lines in there for sure.

But, for all I know, they could be surgical scars because this is a cell phone photo. That's one of the reasons so many fakes originate as from cell phones. Until very recently, even the best cell phone cameras with great resolution lacked bit depth.


So let's take a look at the other photo, shall we?

The Black Shirt Photo


Well, at least I can see where both of her shoulders are supposed to be in this one.

But that heavy blue line on the left side of the neck strap doesn't bode well. And I guess those dark lines on the right breast could be hair, but they don't have the same flow as her other hair. Come to think of it, the pieces on the left breast don't fall very naturally either.


Also, does the left side of the center bikini cup look very jagged to you guys too?

Let's zoom right in then.


Oh, super jagged. Those hairs on the boobs don't look like the rest of the hair either. The one on the left boob has a weird taper and angle.If I had to guess, I'd say it looks like a bit of copied photo and the smudge tool.

And if that blue line is supposed to be a shadow, they're using the wrong blending mode. I don't see a hint of that blue shadow on anything else that's being hit by the same kind of light.


But the coup de grace has to be the bright line around that rightmost breast. That's a big sign of image alteration.

Let's throw on a few adjustment filters and see what information we can pull out.


I popped the color saturation so you could see a few things that bug me.

First of all, those little hair pieces don't have the same blue and purple that the larger mass of her hair does.


That bright line around the right boob really sticks out now, doesn't it?

There's also some sudden shifts in the gradients on her chest color. A bright line on the left boob, a little streak on the center boob, and a shift in the gradient of the rightmost boob from red-based to yellow.


On the up side, there's more of that blue from the neck strap. I just wasn't expecting to see it on the bikini instead of shadowed skin.

So, that's what we see over here. Hopefully we made it clear enough for you guys to see it too.


ETA: I wasn't clear about our professional opinion initially, because most of what I can say for sure is that these photos have been retouched. But knowing what I know about makeup and effects, if this is a hoax, she's using a prosthesis in addition to retouching. If she's really had the surgery, she's doing some retouching to probably hide surgical scars— and I can't fault her for that. I'd do the same damn thing. I photoshop out my cystic acne and use skin-smoothing plugins in videos. So, if that's the case, I invite her to contact me for a few lessons on how to improve her technique.

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