This is a man whose every misery I will delight in without shame.

Martin Shkreli—who raised the price of a treatment for a parasitic condition known as toxoplasmosis from $13.50 to $750 per—was arrested by the FBI for allegedly stealing millions during his time as the CEO of another company. The board caught wise, kicked him out and sued him, because he’d basically bankrupted them while trying to pay off investors in his failed hedge fund. Which had also gone bankrupt.

This Bloomberg article is a great hate read. As awful as you might have thought this man is—he’s worse. Apparently he even managed to quietly pull the exact same drug pricing stunt under a different company he holds a majority stake in. They acquired drug that treats a deadly parasitic infection most common in South and Central America and raised the price from a couple hundred dollars for two months to a pricing structure that will make it cost more like $100,000 for 12 weeks.