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Phrases we hate

"I'm gonna delete the next person who comments about football."

Most of our social media pet peeves involve poor spelling or grammar, but this one infuriates me to no end. It must not be a common peeve, because I see my college-educated and normally level-headed friends use it just as often as the proverbial crazy aunt who types in all-caps. But I hate it. It just sounds so ignorant and dismissive to me, like something a tween bully with no imagination would say: "I'm gonna delete you!" Dudes, I don't know if anyone has told you, but you can't delete a person. On Facebook, you unfriend them, or block them, or remove/delete them from your friends list, however you want to phrase it. On Twitter or instagram or whatever the fuck else, you unfollow. You don't delete the people, you don't delete the content they've added to whatever forum; you remove that content from your sight. You don't cause them to cease to exist. Now I'm just getting literal, but it just sounds so dipshitty to me.


Let's bitch, GT! What are phrases you hate that seem to be universally acceptable for some reason?

Also: Related peeves:
1. "If you support _____, go ahead and delete me." Um, NO. Just sounds childish and entitled. If you don't like what someone else is saying, it's your job to do the hard work of clicking "unfriend". Bye, Felicia!
2. "I purged like half my friends list last night! A long time coming, whew." Firstly, I (personally) find it strange when people put so much effort into carefully cultivating their friends lists. I mean, yeah, shed the creeps and the people whose opinions you just can't stand and the people you'd like to hide your own opinions from, but do you really need to check twice a year to ascertain how much connection you'd like with each individual person? Secondly, okay, if that's important to you, whatever, but NOBODY CARES and it's weird of you to announce it.


Some people put so much damn energy and thought into Facebook. And who am I to say that, since I just put all that thought into bitching about it? Heh. But seriously, I have family members who go on and on about the drama "Facebook" causes. No, dears, Facebook didn't cause the drama. You caused the drama by saying things on Facebook that you wouldn't say in person. Period. I should make a bumper sticker:
FACEBOOK doesn't start shit. PEOPLE start shit.

ETA: Coincidentally, my last GT post is about how much I love to start shit on FB (with deserving parties, of course). :D lolz! At least I don't deny it!

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