Does anyone else experience this? When I get anxious, which is a very frequent occurrence, I often suffer physical repercussions. Headaches, heartburn, neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain, stomach upset, bathroom problems, trouble breathing... It sucks.

I’ve always been like this but I have recently realized it’s a thing that I do or happens to me.

I have anxiety problems combined with PTSD and I have lots of triggers and fears that set me off.

Therapy is something I've been in for well over a year. I'm on antidepressants. I was on Ativan nightly for a month and a half but she wants me to stop taking it. It really helps though... Now that I'm not taking it nightly I am not sleeping well, again. And I've had two panic attacks in the past week. I do yoga and meditate and try to do all the right things but sometimes it just seems this is the way I will be forever.