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Welcome To The Bitchery

What gives? Take a break from the news and armchair diagnose me!

The last couple of days, I’ve been having my usual physical symptoms of depression - extreme exhaustion, no relief no matter how much I sleep, feeling off-balance when I stand up. But the thing is, I don’t have my usual “everything is awful, I’m terrible, no-one loves me ” spiral of terrible feelings, low depressed mood interspersed with lots of crying fits. None of it. Just the physical symptoms.

Important to note that I was really tired during the christmas break (I have 3 weeks, I’m very very lucky and also love my job as a college teacher for precisely this reason). And didn’t feel 100% refreshed when I went back to work even though I took it really easy during my vacation because I know that if I don’t recover situations like the one I’m currently in will happen - but usually with the super shitty feelings.


And in since the school year started three weeks ago, I’ve had these odd episodes where I completely forget things: where I parked my car, meeting friend of a coffee, where my boyfriend and I had decided to meet for breakfast. I’m not the type to forget these things, it’s slightly worrying.

What gives? Call out to peeps with mental illness if this has happened to you? I took yesterday and today off of work (going back tomorrow, it seems to have let up finally). I’m thinking of going to my psychiatrist and getting my meds adjusted - it will take a few weeks to get an appointment but I’m not about to go to a walk-in clinic cause they’ll just do a bunch of tests and I’ll come out “perfectly healthy” (I have done this so many times, I know many of you have as well) Groupthink is usually pretty helpful with these things.

Also, random, this is my favourite anti-drumfp poster to date. Also, any you group thinkers south of the border are welcome to my couch in Canada if you need a temporary reprieve of your country. I’m not kidding - many of you I know are terrified and fighting and exhausted - if any y’all want to take a fun break up to Montreal, comment below. I’ll hook you up one way or another for a cheap trip :-)

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