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"Pickin'" on Krabbs: a response

In his post yesterday, Dastardly Mime posits that Bay Scallops are better than Sea Scallops: “Thanks to Krabby for putting the idea in my head, I just had to use bay scallops (the good scallops).

Then, Pulpoperdida had this to say: “2. That pasta looks, and SOUNDS delicious. Also, a thing which just occurred to me: what do we think about Krabby continuing to recommend so much shellfish on GT. Aren’t these like, her cousins or something? Its cannibalism, man! (Waves! Love you Krabby!)


To Pulp, I say, guilty as charged, but I will NEVER CHANGE MY KANNIBAL KRABBY WAYS! Also, in my defense, I’m eating a human in my avatar, so I do enjoy a balanced diet.

To Dastardly, I say, your dinner looked delicious with those tiny excuses for real scallops. Look at this picture of them searing in butter. I rest my case.

What do you all think? Bay scallops or Sea scallops? King crab or Blue crabs? Cold water or warm water Lobster?



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