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Picture Perfect (Jennifer Aniston movie)

I'm watching this movie and it's very interesting. I'm only like 20 minutes in.

**minor spoilers.**

The parts about her wanting to get a promotion are pretty telling about the American Dream and society's expectations of women. The boss tells her something about dressing for the job she "wants" and saying that everyone in his company has a car they can't afford while Jennifer Aniston's character lives like she's "still in college". She lives like she's still in college because she has an apartment instead of a house, she is single, and she doesn't have a fancy car.


Her friend tells the boss she has a fiance and gets her the promotion. The boss tells the friend to tell Jennifer Aniston if she has any dresses to wear to some banquet that he hasn't already seen.

So you cannot get promoted based on your performance, but you can get promoted by pretending you can afford shit you can't really afford. You need to have the appearance of beginning the Real American Dream which is: a house, a car, and a marriage (probably some kids too).

And this is why we're all stressed out and have high blood pressure and have heart attacks.


I found this comic and this is pretty much what I think the American Dream is:

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