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Picture Post - Mountain Time

So, I spent a week in a cabin in the mountains. And whether you are interested or not, I will give you a generous peek into what I encountered during that time. My cabin was without running water, heating by a wood fired stove and light from oil lamps. I deliberately was looking for somewhere halfway remote to decompress.

Last evening in the cabin - enjoying sunset with a glas of wine.
Curious cows while I was waiting for a late lunch after traversing the Eiger northface. You know, the hiking path at the bottom of where the climbers start their ascent
Eiger Northface
Ibex! Fearless ibex.
I’d been hiking more than 1000 meters of cumulative elevation gain to that hut. And was greeted by ibex at the front door.
Pretty mountains with clouds hampering my panorama.
Fantastic late afternoon ligt at my cabin.
My direct neighbours - a herd of sheep.
Classic view with my thermos. I love that thermos, it’s pretty, durable and keeps my tea hot for hours on end.
Fantastic long hike (net hiking time a bit over 6 hours).
Moar mountains
Very wet hike, not really raining during, but the day before and now mushrooms everywhere.
If ever you were curious how it must have looked when Geissenpeter (Heidi) came to collect Schneeli and Bärli....
A small detour from my planned hike and I was rewarded with amazing sights thanks in part to a bit of early snow.
Blueberry as snacks, provided by Mother Nature.
Waiting for the postbus to bring me to the start of my hike. View could be worse.
First afternoon at the cabin: drizzly, cold and cloudy. Thankfully, it was the only really cold and wet day of the week.

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