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Picture You Vs. Real-Life You

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and wonder who that strange, awkward creature is and why they look drunk? It's strange how the camera can shape your opinion of your own appearance and others. It's the only thing besides a mirror that you can see yourself reflected visually in real-time. It's also the only way you can plausibly see people without knowing them personally.
Due to the importance that cameras hold in our self-visualization , we make an effort to visualize ourselves as the best we can be. Some people make it an art form to shape their appearance for the camera to look almost inhumanly perfect. Some people only take pictures at parties or vacations to announce their social status and lifestyle. It all begs the question: is this how they are when the camera isn't flashing?
Some people are genuinely bad at having their picture taken. They stiffen up or they lose control of their face or they had an acne breakout when the picture was taken. Some of these people, most of these people, look just fine in real life.The camera's picture tells a distorted story that when they look back onto the picture, all they see is another person separate from their reality. At that point, they could internalize the picture or accept the reality of the moment and move on.
Taking a lot of self portraits has been criticized for being self-indulgent narcissism. I take self portraits a lot because I am in the process of reconciling Picture Liz with Real-Life Liz.It's the greatest cure for bad photographs to take more photographs.I usually only take a picture when I look particularly good, and it's slightly dishonest in a way. What's the point of being honest, however,when your perception of self is on the line?I'd rather look back on myself in the prime of my youth and see a lovely young woman than the awkward thing I was.
I know that some people here take even more photographs than I do. I'd love to hear their opinion. Also, anyone who takes good or bad photographs are free to share their experiences. In this age where almost everyone has a camera, I can imagine photography being a part of most people's lives.


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