Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So got my grad photos, and they look...well, great! The gown is a little long, but I picked out a pic that really looked cool (standing up with the cap, actually smiling!). I can't believe how expensive they are, it's such a racket. Gahhhh...but everything else is sorted out. I ordered my cap and gown, I got the tickets (my two best friends will be sitting with me, yay!), and I'm all set. So happy I got these things out of the way before mid May. Thanks to everyone for the hair tips and reassuring me that the photos wouldn't make me look like a hot mess.

Also, I'm going home today! Well, the place where I grew up (where I am currently is 'home'), and I'm glad to see my family. Problem is, I have a 1:30 pm flight, meaning I have to get to the airport at 11:00 am, because budget cuts. I have a book and I think I'll bring my iPad, but I get so nervous flying. I'm taking my suitcase on the plane, and I hope there is room in the overhead (flying in the 20th row, so it should be fun trying to find one, plus I'm really short so I'm going to have to ask a stranger to help me with my bag). Oh, thank god for Xanax.


Also, I'm thinking about getting some nice notebooks for my besties for grad. I saw some cute ones on Etsy, but I'm looking for that nice Italian marbled paper, with blank pages on the inside. If I can't find them, I'll probably just get moleskine notebooks, but that's a bit boring. Any other suggestions? They're both english majors, if that helps. Any english major Jezzies, what did you want for graduation? (besides ca$h; sorry I love spelling that with a dollar sign!)

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