Talk about and post your favorite pie recipes, tips, tricks, etc. here!

My personal favorite is pecan pie and I am very particular (no thank you to the crappy store versions that are mostly pecan pie filling with a thin layer or pecans on top). Unfortunately, my success rate for getting a solid pie is about 50% (same recipe, same oven, same process, same temp, WTF is going on?!). But I don’t let it get me down. Instead, I spoon the soupy, “failed” version onto vanilla ice cream as a sundae topping.

Bliss, I tell you!

(Everyone, this is a safe space, no shit-talking cake.)

ETA: From the comments, I have learned that there is no shortage of ways to sneak even more gluttony and vice into pie crusts from you people. Lard, bacon fat, cheddar cheese, sour cream, even booze. God, I love you guys. And now I’m wondering how long until weed gets a recommendation.