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Pies, pies, pies!

On Friday I picked up the first installment of my first ever CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically members purchase a share in a farm or group of farms at the beginning of a season, and get an agreed-upon number of food installments of local, usually organic, seasonal produce. I have a CSA for a farm group, so I get a good variety of produce (and a dairy portion! This week I got local cage free eggs) every other week.

This week, among other things, I received one metric shit ton of dandelion leaves. I also got a big bunch of rhubarb stalks. Generally I'm team cake but strawberry rhubarb pie is my favorite spring treat. Also, using an enormous bunch of dandelion before it goes bad is a bit of challenge. I had a day of baking though, and made these two beauties:


Sorry to show you half-eaten pies, but Manlover and I ate them or dinner, dessert, and breakfast yesterday and today. Also pictured is a jar of pickled dandelion stems. I made them using a quick pickle recipe, and the are the first pickles I have ever made! I hope they turn out OK, because if not I have four jars in my fridge.

I was a little annoyed with my CSA that I got a huge bunch of a plant I could have picked in my weedy backyard, but I also got: one giant bunch of kale, a large bag of spring mix salad greens, ten radishes, a bunch of lemon thyme, and a beautiful bounty of asparagus.

I'm so excited about my CSA! Manlover and I have gained a little weight since we moved in together about a year ago, so hopefully this will keep us focused on eating a veggie-based diet and get us back into our favorite vintage clothes. Or, maybe we'll just eat a lot of pie. Either way, I'm happy.

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