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Pilates? Or Something? Help A Lazy!

(mild weight stuff)

I have been steadily and slowly losing weight to get healthier, and I'm having some issues with my joints - mainly an old hip injury from high school when I used to run track and CC, and then I'm having some plantar fasciitis + heel pain (or maybe the heel pain is part of it??) that has made me barely able to walk.


So this is preventing me from even being on my feet very much, and really thwarting my efforts to be more healthy and active. I've been trying to stretch and ice and massage and all that stuff but it's not really helping, and it seems that from so many months of walking weird I have become INSANELY inflexible - like I can barely even walk heel-to-toe at this point.

Anyway, I was thinking I'd start doing some pilates or yoga videos or something (I don't currently belong to a gym offering this stuff and I would rather eat packing peanuts than face an exercise class in my condition). Any suggestions? I have Amazon Prime and Netflix, and there are just so many to choose from.

Bonus points: beginner level

Extra bonus points: in the 1/2 hour range

Note: I google searched "pilates fail" for the gif, and clearly google is an idiot because that is a "pilates win."


Note 2: I think I have asked a similar question on GT at some point in the past but it might have been like 3 years ago at this point and I have no idea. Haha. So..um...apologies if you have answered this for me already...

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