I need new pillows for my sofa something awful, so I ordered some fabric and cut up a couple king sized pillows to make pillow forms. I’m super excited for this project! I’m really loving the fabrics, the aqua is going to be an elephant appliqué on the chevron and the diamond print is for the back of the horse pillows.

This is the elephant pillow I’m ripping off:

At first I was a little apprehensive about my animal theme, but, as it turns out, I just really like animal pillows and I’m going to go for it. My style is already pretty eclectic, why not just go the whole hog?

Anyone have any other throw pillow ideas? I have an afghan on my sofa that I shamelessly ripped off from Anne’s on Parks & Rec, so that’s the backdrop. I think I have more pillows than ideas at the moment. I’m thinking of making button closures on some of them, I like to be able to take the covers off and wash them because I think pillows are meant to be used!


I’m not the only one with a throw pillow Pinterest page, am I? ???