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Pillow talk (Questions OT)

Let’s talk pillows. And mattresses. And beds. I have a question for you all : Has anyone here ever felt better (be it improved sleep, less pain issues, etc.) thanks to a new bed/mattress/pillow?

I currently sleep on a cheap 140 (what is that in US, queen sized?) but sturdy Ikea bedframe with it’s slats (4/5 yrs old?) and my once fancy Ikea mattress. That mattress however, is 8/9 years old by now and it’s noticeably sagging all over. It was a pretty soft mattress to begin with and now it’s definitely showing it’s age. Add a very soft and cheap pillow and that’s my nightly place to be.


I have a variety of health issues, not the least of which are back/shoulder/neck pains and associated headaches. There hasn’t been a day this year that I haven’t had a headache or pain in all of the above. Now most PT’s say “use whatever pillow makes you feel comfortable it doesn’t matter what kind it is” but I was wondering if actually I could be helped by improving my sleep situation and if anyone else has this experience.

I’ve had expensive pillows but they’ve always hurt more than they helped (I can’t stand the feeling of something pressing in my neck, it makes the headaches worse because my neck is so ‘weak’ and I have given it months in the past to adjust) but I never picked them out myself, my parents gave them to me based on ‘this is a real good one!’ so I’m wondering if maybe I should try to find something myself in a good store or some place.


We don’t have much money to spend now but when I get a job again it will be something to save up towards (we want a bigger bed too!) and I want to be prepared. (irony is that I need loads of good rest in order to recover and can’t get that right now but babysteps, rest is still rest)

Anyone else have any questions? Questions OT!

UPDATE: Turns out we still had my old slats! That are 2 sets of each 70 instead of 1 big one of 140 ánd has adjustable slats. We never realised we could fit my slats in his bed, but off course we can because they’re same size Ikea models, doh 🙈

Let’s see how we fair tonight. It might not make the mattress any better but it might provide support we don’t have right now! yay!

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