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Ping the Dog

One of my very favorite books back when I was a kid was the amazing adventure of Ping the duck. Ping lives in a boat on the Yangtze river, and last duck up the ramp at the end of the day gets a nice swat across the duck butt. Ping is very obedient as well as something of a coward, and he goes on the run rather than suffer his just punishment.

This is R.B., but one of his many nicknames is Ping the Duck. He knows he's not allowed to go charging at the door when someone rings the bell, but sometimes he just does it anyway and ignores me telling him no. Then he has to go lie down in his doggy bed like a good boy, but suddenly he sees me standing at the natural choke point in the kitchen with my right arm cocked and ready. Poor Ping is profoundly unenthusiastic about taking his medicine, so he tries to slink by while I lunge at him and give him a swat while yelling "Spanky!"


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