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So I went for my breast MRI yesterday. I have had MRIs before, but not this kind. I was injected with a contrast dye - by way of an IV in my arm, not a needle straight into the boob, in case anyone feared that - and, instead of being sucked into the tube face up with eyes squeezed shut so as not to see the low ceiling, I was told to lie face down on the table and position myself over two compartments, one for each breast, so I had the sensation of the girls just hanging there, swaying gently in the breeze.* You stuff your hair into a haircap, put in your earplugs, rest your face on a padded frame like on a massage table, so you can breathe, and then they push you into the tube. It only took about 20 minutes and was actually much less stressful than other MRIs I have had, probably because I was face down instead of face up. I was warned that some people have reactions to the contrast, but for once I did not, so it was no problem to wait out the usual clangings and buzzings.

The tech was very nice and let me see the scans, because I have a slightly morbid interest in seeing my insides. Barring a horrible mangling accident I’m unlikely to see them any other way, so I like to look when I can. So I saw the scans. I think I saw what they were fussing about at my last appointment, but of course I’m not a doctor so I didn’t really know what I was looking at: it is an uneducated guess. But I will be rather chuffed if I am right. I am also betting that the next step will be a biopsy, but the actual next step will be my follow-up next week. Coincidentally this will be on the same day I have my follow-up appointment with the sleep lab. mrsfinch is going to have to process a lot of information that day.

* My Good Aunt called to see how I was and, as I described this, said in horror “What if you do that and they hit the floor?” Hers would. This was a valid fear.

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