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Pinterest and Learned Femininity

I could read the Hair and Beauty section of Pinterest all day if I wasn't at work. While reading all of the tutorials and seeing all of the pictures of coiffed hair and makeup, I marvel at how these woman are able to do this "hair and makeup" thing better than myself.I grew up looking like a tomboy with baggy clothes and a bare face with nothing but a long ponytail . Ironically, I was the most stereotypically feminine member of my circle of friends.Nobody liked hair, makeup, and fashion like I did, but I never took part of these things until college.

That was when I started learning to accept my fat body and dress to show it off instead of hide it. I also started to learn how to do my own hair, and experienced the trial-and-error that people my age usually go through when they are younger.I feel a surge of pride when I see myself in the mirror with my hair nicely done and my makeup and clothing to my tastes(usually 50's inspired).It took about seven years, but I am finally expressing myself as the feminine person that I have always been on the inside.it is still a learning process.

That is why I stalk the pages of Pinterest. These women seem to have femininity understood to a science. It's kind of ridiculous at times, but just knowing what codes as "feminine" has been so helpful in me expressing myself beyond being draped in layers of cotton. I sometimes wonder how they learned these things in the first place. It didn't come natural to me, at least. I have been encouraged to get good grades more than to look pretty for most of my life.Still, I'm glad there is a place to learn beyond the influences of friends and family that probably know less about hair and makeup than I do.


Edit: The image is provided from this site that I was directed to through Pinterest.

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