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Pinup Challenge Part 1: ugggh P90X

Help, I need motivation!

Working out for the sake of working out is hard and it sucks. So my friends and I needed a good goal to work towards and keep us motivated. As some of you know, we have decided to challenge ourselves to get fit to do a swimsuit pinup shoot in mid November.


Part 1 of this challenge: we're all going to do P90X. I've completed it once through two years ago and got great ressults, losing about 35lbs on p90x alone. But the idea of listening to Tony Horton talk about how beautiful Dreya Webber is fills me with dread. Unfortunately, I have a pirated copy so I can't just mute him and listen to the beeping cues.

Have any of you completed P90X? What did you do to not want to shoot yourself in the face after hearing his "diamonds of gold" remark by the very end? I seem to have blocked it from my memory. Or maybe that dread was just quickly replaced by my loathing of the squat jumps in Insanity.

ETA: one of my favorite things ever posted on the MP

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