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Pirate Party Followup: Thanks, Hivemind!

Hivemind, I have summoned you in the past asking for advice on a pirate costume. The party was this Saturday, and it was awesome!

I came here, then, to thank you all and give you some feedback on the whole thing. So, when I first heard of the party, I thought:


then I googled pirate costumes, and all I could find was Jack Sparrow and this guy

I was bummed. BUT, hivemind was there for me, so I said to myself


So I did.


The shirt and pants I got at the women's section on the Salvation Army (the pants were capri preggo pants, btw, and shit, are they comfy), and the sash came out of a red shirt I bought there as well. I borrowed the hoops from a friend, who also had the eyeliner.

So thanks, hivemind! As a token of my gratitude, here's a baby fennec fox:


ETA: I can't put text between the pictures! Argh! But I guess you guys get the order.

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