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Pirates and their punishments...and a negotiation

This morning my internet service was interrupted for a minute or so. When I tried to refresh my browser I got a message from Optimum saying that I'd been disconnected temporarily because of copyright infringement. I don't torrent anymore because of the new laws, but I do stream and do the youtube video to MP3 thing. Both of which, if I recall correctly (and if the quick googling I did is correct), are technically legal to do. I don't stream much anymore anyway as I have my sister's hulu and netflix password.

The message also said that I'd received several prior warnings about copyright infringement, yet I never have. However, I do live in a house with four other roomies (and one person who might as well be)- could the issue have been with them? I'm assuming that someone else in the house is torrenting, got caught enough times but didn't tell anyone, and our service was interrupted as a result- but could my streaming on Sunday and Monday have had anything to do with the message I got today?


I'm moving out early next week so this won't affect me much, but in order to give fair warning I want to alert the other roommates. We've been having troubles lately: mooch boyfriends and subletting my room without telling or paying me brought it to a head, but it's been brewing for a while. I have asked the one physically present roomie to delegate on behalf of the two who aren't, and we're going to sit down on neutral territory and hash things out. Problem is, everything's so contentious at this point that if I tell them about the service interruption they'll probably blame me. Last night one of the roommates (the one with the bf) accused me via email of being unreliable, irresponsible, and dishonest. I notified the one roommate who isn't mad at me and is not responsible for the subletting mess, but she's unlikely to tell the others either.

Anyway, wish me luck in my negotiations! I hope I don't cry!

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