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I'm feeling work pissy. I'm sick of the BS from my coworkers!

My best coworker friend and I generally get along really well, but lately I think we're both extremely stressed and there's been a huge breakdown in communication. It drives me nuts that this person has final say over my work (rundown: I write reports, this person handles the pricing/money side). Basically, I write a 20-50 page report, and she gets to edit it and require changes. This has been set up by my big boss since the very beginning.

The only thing is, the changes are generally minor happy-to-glad type things. Things that don't make any difference. I've been doing this job for 3 years, I know what is and isn't allowable. It's frustrating, because half the time, I think she is just looking for something (anything!) to change, so that she can show that she's still needed to review it. Are there still small problems? Sure, there probably always will be. There are still some after she reviews too. But they aren't huge gaping issues which was the original purpose for her reviewing the documents years ago.


I just get more and more pissed off because she makes a HUGE fucking deal over the things that she changes. You know when you can tell that someone else is getting bcc'd on your emails? Like the other person is overly formal and talks differently than usual? Yeah, I get that. It drives me nuts because I know she's copying our big boss and it's making me look bad because the boss doesn't really even read the document to see the tracked changes are bullshit, but really just sees the email that says "there are a couple issues in here that I have recommended changes on." So it makes me look incompetent.

I just got one of those formal emails because a file name for something she turned in yesterday wasn't correct. Everything else? perfectly fine. But the file name (that I have to put in her format rather than the one I usually use) wasn't how she wanted it. I KNOW that my boss was bcc'd on it. And ya know what? She's the one who had the document for HOURS before it was turned in! I'm just sick of looking like a dumbass because she wants to prove herself on a job that's not hers and that she complains about having to do all the time. You don't want to edit my shit? Then stop fucking finding bullshit "problems" and maybe you won't have to! I don't mind being accountable for my mistakes, but I do mind being accountable for the stuff that she finds that don't need to be changed.

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