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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Pistorius trial anyone following it?

I really don't want to but if one watches CNN and MSNBC its hard to ignore. My thoughts are right now a big fat GIMME A BREAK to Pistorius's behavior in court. Today he has been vomiting in court over testimony about the autopsy. Seriously? Other days he sobs. Sorry but his lawyers would be keeping him up to date since his arrest on what evidence the prosecution has and I cannot believe any of this is a surprise to him. I am positive this case is all he has been thinking about and talking about especially with his lawyers. I am positive this is all a big act. Plus he saw her body AFTER he shot her so he knew what the autopsy would be about.

Just send him to jail for life. If any of these jurors fall for this act I bet they have Florida connections.


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