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Pittsburgh people! Help me live in your town, please.

I'm temporarily moving to your beautiful Pittsburgh for the summer. I have some questions.

1. What should I do? I've visited before, so I've been to the Warhol. Erm. I've been to Squirrel Hill and the badass cemetery whose name I can't remember. Um. Help?

2. Where can I buy things like boxed wine and other alcoholic things to consume at my temporary home? I know I can't just go to the grocery (why do you put up with this?! You should be rioting in the streets!).


3. I'm a recently lapsed vegetarian, so where do I eat? I'm open to distinctly delicious Pittsburgh meat options, but I do still lean heavily to the veg. Also, where's a good place to buy produce? I understand there's a market downtown?

4. I love karaoke. Where can I do that?

As a caveat to all those q's, I'm cheap. Also, I am probably bringing my car, so I can get around. Even if I don't bring the car, I am completely fine using the bus system. Help me have an inexpensive good time.

Also, thank you in advance for your awesome suggestions and advice. I'll be here periodically to thank you individually with the standard internet currency, gifs.

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